Welcome! I’m Steve

I’m a 30 year old software developer starting his first blog. Partly as a way to record my thoughts, partly to document things that don’t get documented elsewhere.

I have a ton of DevOps experience across CI/CD, Docker/Kubernetes and Cloud. On top of that I’ve been coding in Java using Spring Boot for about 8 years, along with a bunch of other tools, languages and integrations.

I’ve worked across e-commerce, aerospace, corporate tax and accounting industries. So I finally feel like I’ve experienced enough unique situations that I want to start writing down the hardest stuff for someone in my shoes to get value out of.

(And honestly, I’ll probably come back to reference things I’ve forgotten too)

My hobbies mostly including; poking at software and hardware, taking care of 11 cats and trying to feed a diminishing interest in cars.

I’m trying to get into blogging as you can see.